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Circuit board, Sound, Speaker, IKEA STEFAN black chair

The Instant Gratification Device (2017). New Art Now!, Unit 10, London

A Collaborative Installation by Ninon Ardisson, Narotam Horn and Shwetal Patel, Words by Robert Montgomery

Ninon Ardisson’s installation is a fabricated technology-based artefact. Cutting, reframing and staging moments - Ardisson merges the whole into a single situation where the artificial and the real mingle. Ardisson’s The Instant Gratification Device is a small device, fitted onto a chair in the exhibition space. As one steps or sits onto the receiving surface, applause sounds are triggered by the pressure applied onto it. First, the cheering, whistling sounds emerge quietly from under the surface, until it slowly gains volume - until you feel entertained (or disturbed) enough to stand up and get on with your life again.


Ardisson’s piece was created as homage to the character played by Sergei Büdh in Patel’s film. By sitting on the IGD, one is invited to experience first-hand the invigorating randomness of public acclaim, as well as the fragile, fleeting fame that stems from myth creation and celebrity.


      Excerpt from the exhibition text by Shwetal Patel for New Art Now! (2017)

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