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Unreal world, Slime Mold, Photopolymer Etching, Shells, Coral, Paper, Perspex

"Hysteresis Studies" investigates collective memory and hysteresis in the context of pregnancy. Hysteresis refers to a system's capacity for permanent change in response to a sudden transformation, a mechanism through which material structures can evolve and preserve a trace of their history.

This piece integrates personal artefacts and employs slime mold's capacity for hysteresis as a vessel for material exploration. The slime moves according to light training techniques derived from an ever-evolving virtual environment, emphasising the notion of ceaseless metamorphosis.


This project functions as an assemblage, a terrain for dynamic exchange among diverse elements: objects and materials, the tangible and the ethereal, the biological and the inorganic. It's a study in the perpetual motion of becoming, where the boundaries between the virtual and actual blur, fostering a dialogue that spans various temporalities.

"Hysteresis Studies" is an open-ended exploration. It's a cycle that doesn't seek conclusion but rather invites ongoing transformation. Each phase of the work preserves the imprints of its predecessors while simultaneously embodying a living history of continuous evolution and adaptation.


Hysteresis Studies at Birmingham Open Media (2024)

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